Starting Out Weight

The reason why I have started a diet is I’ve slowly gained 50 pounds. My goal is to a pound a week which would take a year to lose the weight I have gained. My starting weight was 180 pounds. I believe the reason I have gained so much weight is because of 3 drugs I take which is Duloxetine, Buspirone and Aripiprazole. I have a server anxiety problem and also suffer with depression. These drugs greatly help me live everyday life. Gaining weight is a well known common side effect. I wish when I started taking them I would of known and cared about this side effects. If I had it to do over again I would have monitored my weight. At the time I was in a extremely dark place and just didn’t care, so now I’m dealing with it. My balance, flexibility, mobility and stamina are greatly affected by my weight gain. To improve the quality of my life I need to get serious about losing weight. Otherwise Because I struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis these issues are just going to get worse.

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