I am unable to do all the things I want to do this year so I decided to pick out 5 major habits that I wish to develop. I’m writing a list of 25 items that are prospects then I will choose 5 of those things. These five things I will practice every day. By making this public I am working on my accountability.  My list follows:

  1. Exercise Daily *
  2. Find a new Hobby
  3. Garden
  4. Volunteer
  5. Write Every Day *
  6. Organize With Provider
  7. Go to Libraries
  8. Get Out of the House
  9. Prepare Medicine Box
  10. Get Dressed
  11. Attend all Doctor Appointments
  12. Get back into Phycology  Therapy
  13. Eat 1,200 a day *
  14. Save Money *
  15. Keep Phone/Tablet and Computer organized
  16. Be more vocal and speak to people (initiate conversations)
  17. Household Repairs what I Can Do
  18. Buy a new Bed
  19. Work on living in the Present
  20. Pay off Overstock ASAP
  21. Play more Games for Distraction (ei. WOW, COC, A New game)
  22. Get Lux from the Sun
  23. Read *
  24. Focus on Sleep Quality
  25. Listen to Music

I’ve chosen the five habits I am going to incorporate into my life this year. Wish me luck!

  1. Exercise
  2. Write
  3. Read
  4. Save Money
  5. Loose Weight

Every day I’ll be checking them off. I’ll try to do them in the mornings before my provider gets here at 10:00 AM. I hope to develop theses habits by the end of the year. The other things on the list I’ll do off and on.